GST Changes for NZ Orders - Please Read

To all customers,

From December 1st, all New Zealand orders will be inclusive of NZ GST (Goods and Services Tax). Goods and Services Tax is a value-added tax or consumption tax for goods and services consumed in New Zealand. We are now required by law to collect NZ GST and return this tax to the Inland Revenue Department.

The GST rate for New Zealand is 15%.

What will change?

There will be no changes with regard to the way orders are placed or dispatched from our Australian warehouse. The only change will be that the value of all orders below NZD $1000 will be inclusive of New Zealand GST.

From December 1st, all prices indicated on the webstore will be shown as GST inclusive, and all customers will be issued with a GST inclusive tax invoice (for orders below NZD $1000).

Will i also be charged GST on my order by customs?

Shipments below NZD $1000 goods value are not subject to any clearance fees or GST payable on entry to New Zealand, as GST is already included in the total price of the order. Shipments over NZD $1000 goods value, are shipped excluding GST, and will be subject to customs clearance charges and GST payable at the border.