Earvana Strat/Tele 'Drop in' Style Nut

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Product Code: APBN2228-025
Brand: Earvana

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The Earvana Fender 'Drop In' Nut is an after-market upgrade to your guitar. 1-11/16" (42.8mm) length and 9.5" Radius with curved bottom for Fender Guitars. Earvana Fender Shelf Nut Drop-In Styles will fit in a normal curved bottom nut slot with no modifications to your neck. You may have to file down the bottom of the nut to match your necks radius. This allows the shelf to rest flush on the fingerboard. Do not modify the fret board. Luthier installation recommended.

Q:What is the EARVANA tuning system®
A. This nut allows the player to quickly achieve more accurate tuning.

Q. How does this improve the guitar®
A. You have probably noticed that it is nearly impossible to tune your guitar so that the chords in the first 5 frets ring true for any open chords. We have solved this problem by using this nut that compensates for errors that are inherent in 99% of all stringed instruments.

Q. How can I tell if this works®
A. A simple test will show how a guitar presently performs without the Earvana nut. First, tune your "E" string (either "E" string) open. Make sure that the string is perfectly in tune on your tuner. Now, fret the string at the first fret. Notice that the "F" note is not perfectly in tune. The tuner shows the note is sharp. Try fretting the guitar at the first 5 frets and notice that the notes are still sharp. With the Earvana nut, all these intervals become nearly perfect (+/- .010 %). For a definite heart attack, try the above test on the "G" string. At best, tuning a normally nutted guitar is an approximation. The Earvana nut reduces this approximation to near perfection.

Q. This sounds too good to be true®
A. It is! This nut may be one of the best developments to happen to intonation since the invention of the Tune-0-Matic style bridge.

Q: What is the material made of?
A: The proprietary and unique material formulation of our nut is high-pressure injection molded to create a brighter, tusk-like tone while producing slip lubrication properties superior to graphite. Get the best of both-have a bright bone sound with slip properties superior to graphite!

Additional Information

Product Code: APBN2228-025
Brand: Earvana